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Monthly Update June

Within the last month, development of the Net Hackerz simulation has come to a slow halt. As I've mentioned previously, I'm working my way through a very difficult certification, so I've had to focus on this, as the exam is very soon.

On a good note, Net Hackerz has been experiencing some good activity for such a young game, and I'm happy to welcome all the new players. I have managed to update one or two things which may go un-noticed but the back end of the game is quite complex. I've also been throwing some ideas around with a few of the players to see how they'd like them being introduced to the simulation.

A few of the ideas include, some continous points giving at certain levels, so if you lose all your networks you're still not out of the game. Another thing I'm trying to get working but experiencing a little technical difficulty with is incentivised voting. I'm testing this at the moment, so hopefully if you vote for Net Hackerz on some websites you'll get more points.

Another thing to note. It's summer and the sun is shining, so get outdoors and game only after the sun goes down. Keep enjoying Net Hackerz everyone. 

Registration Updates

Recently I've noticed that people are registering with spaces in their usernames, which looks kind of horrible, so to keep the hacking simulator running a bit nicer I've now implemented a restriction, so that user names must be alpha or numeric names. No spaces or additional ascii characters are allowed.

This will also help prevent some bots from completing the registration page.

For the valid players who are joining, I'm looking at ways to incentivise the voting buttons on the right of the page, so that you get points for voting. Hopefully I will have this up and running soon.

Network Activity Page Troubles

It has come to my attention that the Network Activity page once you have logged into the Net Hackerz hacking simulation game is not functioning correctly. If you could bear with it for the moment that would be great, I am actively working toward resolving this but it may take a little while.

The required fix is a complex one that affects how all of the hacking simulation works, so please keep on gaming and just ignore this page once you're logged in for the moment.

I will update Net Hackerz as soon as I have this fixed so all players know when it is back to normal.

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