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Network Activity Page Troubles

It has come to my attention that the Network Activity page once you have logged into the Net Hackerz hacking simulation game is not functioning correctly. If you could bear with it for the moment that would be great, I am actively working toward resolving this but it may take a little while.

The required fix is a complex one that affects how all of the hacking simulation works, so please keep on gaming and just ignore this page once you're logged in for the moment.

I will update Net Hackerz as soon as I have this fixed so all players know when it is back to normal.

How HTTPS Works

Today I was presented with a gift, in the form of a simple website link from a user "seanface". The website is a side project by DNSimple, and it helps everyone understand the importance of HTTPS and SSL in a fun comic style way.

So if you're struggling to understand the importance of the little padlock in the top corner of the URL bar, inside of your web browser then have a look at this.

How HTTPS Works

New Game Design

Within the last few weeks, amongst other things, I've changed the design of the NetHackerz game website. Hopefully it is easier to view and play due to these changes.

There will be further design changes in the future, but for now I'm just getting the last few pages back up and running. Then I will be fixing some bugs that a few players have highlighted, before more progress is made on few features.

The first feature I will be working towards adding is the ability to hack the police network, so keep your eyes open for when that goes live. Be warned though, failure will result in some big points fines, so take the risk at your own will.

If anyone wants to link to NetHackerz, then let me know, and I will send over a small banner or something a little more pleasing than just text. For the moment though, good luck gaming and keep spreading the word about NetHackerz, the best free online browser based hacking game.
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