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NetHackerz is a game, and at present it is a text based mmorpg which is still being developed. The idea behind the game is simple, once registered the user needs to do everything in their power to improve their Hacker Profile. A Hackers Profile can be improved and developed over time, through hacking new networks, improving hacking skills and also retaining the networks they own for as long as possible.

Points are gained, for every network owned per hour, per player.

Player A owns network 10001 and network 10002. Two points are gained per network, per hour, and therefore Player A every hour gets 4 points.

Points can then be used for scanning for new networks, performing reconnaissance on networks, attempting to hack them, improving a players hacking skills and improving the defensive skills of networks.

A players skills must outweigh a networks defensive skills, however there is some degree of randomness thrown in, so that it is not all predictable. Just like in real life, there is always an unknown component to hacking and protecting networks. Things only become clear if full access is granted to a network, and to get full access to a network you must own it.

When a player is registered, they're provided with a single network and this will be the start to their journey through NetHackerz. All players start with level 1 skills, and it is then their choice on how they can develop their character.

Why Develop NetHackerz?
The answer to this is very simple. As the sole developer, I thought the best way to assist in developing and protecting a network, was to discover and educate myself in the technologies involved with hacking, and to explore and try to understand the best way to protect against the unknown dangers out in the real world, where businesses and people are constantly targeted.

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