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First off, excuse the mess. This is an attempt at building hacking themed mmorpg which has a lot of potential, but only one developer at present. For those who have registered, thank you for your support and continued gaming, as features and designs are developed to improve the Net Hackerz game.

Many visitors will be asking, what is this about? And why did I end up on this website. Well the answer is simple, you've stumbled upon the development of a network hacking themed game, which is designed as a browser based free mass multiplayer online game. This means low graphics, low requirements and hopefully no restrictions in your work place or school stopping your access.

How does Net Hackerz work? Well to get started, you must register. It's free, so there's nothing stopping you. Once registered you're provided with a network. The longer you can protect your network from other gamers, the longer you will generate ingame points. These points can then be spent on improving your ingame hacking skills, which you can use to hack other gamers and acquire their networks. More networks equals more points to spend.

With that understood, join in and become the best Net Hackerz gamer. There is nothing stopping you.

Regards, Net Hackerz Admin

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